How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Social Media Manager?

Getting cozy with the cost to hire a social media manager is one of the first steps any small business owner should take when it comes to building their marketing strategy. You have to go where your customers are. And these days, that means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

There are literally billions of people strewn out across these platforms. And you only need to reach a tiny fraction of another tiny fraction to create a profitable business. In the following article, we’ll touch on how you can pull this off without a huge investment. But first, let’s talk about the so-called:

‘Industry Standard’

The cost to hire a social media manager varies extravagantly between some very different extremes. An article from The Content Factory pegs it at anywhere from $1,000-$20,000 per month. While undoubtedly true, that makes it a bit hard to decide what you should be paying for it.

Furthermore, paying more doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more. And while you need a consistent presence — more on that in a moment — some people call themselves “social media managers” when all they do is play on Facebook all day.

Don’t hire anyone to take on this crucial task until you’ve asked yourself this question.

What Do You Want Out of Your Social Media Marketing?

Small business owners — too many still, even in 2019 — haven’t given enough time and serious thought to unpacking the question. They think of social media marketing as posting something, anything, just to do it.

These scenarios usually create one of two problems.

Poor Engagement with Their Audience

They don’t choose to interact and respond in the ways their customers and potential customers would have them do so. Comments are there, but they never read through and only address anything when it’s sent as an Inbox message on their Business Page.

If the audience sees you don’t get on your platform, then why should they? The second problem:

No Engagement from Their Audience

Perhaps the small business owner would read comments and respond to them, but they never get any. This apathy toward the Page exists because the business owner isn’t posting enough compelling content.

And when they occasionally do get it right, it’s not with any kind of strategy or regularity. They give their audience too much time to forget they exist, in other words.

A good social media manager will be aware of both pitfalls, and they will be mindful of ways to solve the issue. But it starts with content. Your audience cannot get engaged if you give them nothing to engage with.

In this regard, your social media manager should be savvy and experimental enough to key into your industry and drill deep for the types of discussion starters that will have your audience expanding and sharing what you’re putting out.

Is Your Current Help Giving It to You?

What do they do all day? Are they a true social media manager, or a secretary who will share a few things on Facebook when he thinks about it? Good social media managers know their way around the ‘Book, but they also see the value in other platforms as well.

They also realize that people interact on these platforms in different ways. And they value certain types of content over others.

  • Instagram for cool photos and quick clips
  • YouTube for compelling video content
  • LinkedIn for resumé matters, references, job/gig opportunities, and network marketing
  • Twitter for news, affirmation, and discussion starters
  • Facebook for sharing one’s life and opinions (and cats and recipes, of course)

Sometimes that content will be curated from other sources. Other times, it will be created from community interactions or directly from your noggin.

If your social media manager isn’t doing that, then why would you pay them $1,000 per month, let alone $20,000!?

That said, there’s a certain value in simply posting to these sites day-to-day. It keeps your brand out there while you have time to devise a clearer strategy of what you plan to do with the social network you’re using. And these days, visibility is almost impossible to come by when you aren’t doing anything to get your name out there.

Growing social media accounts for businesses has been my thing for about 10 years now. I’ve worked on accounts anywhere from 2,000-strong to 3 million, and have always seen improvements even without a budget for paid marketing. If you need help with this facet of your business, give me a shout at

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