I am the current Public Information Officer and Social Media Manager of the Fort Smith Police Department, which serves a daytime population of over 250,000. I have helped create and coordinate multiple bits of positive press for the FSPD since October 2018, including the national campaign behind Police Cat Pawfficer Fuzz.

AI Tools for Professionals

Check out the latest video presentation and annual report publication below. These were created with a variety of tools, including Adobe InDesign, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Bazaart, and Axon's proprietary body camera software.

There may be difficulty viewing on some mobile devices. If so, try downloading the PDF file here for a sample of my magazine design work.

At Talk Business & Politics, I served as the senior reporter, writing hundreds of articles and feature stories during my tenure from 2010-2018. See the full portfolio at this link and the selected samples below.

A Century of Death: 196 Executions, 15 Governors, and Arkansas' Deadliest Day

Former All-Star, Fort Smith Native Jim King Reflects on 10-Year NBA Career

PRADCO Goes from 'Nothing to 2 Million' Social Media Followers in 3 Years

Abuse Hard to Overcome for KFSM 5 Weather Chief

At the popular movie blog Flickchart, I originated and wrote the first several columns for "Reel Rumbles," a long-form feature that pits two popular movies together in a no-holds-barred fight to the death. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but you can read my columns here.

At ScreenRant, I produced long-form content in the movies, television, and comics categories. Selected samples are below with a complete listing of contributions available at this link.

Star Wars: 16 Ways the Prequels Could Have Been Better Than the Original Trilogy

Every Catwoman Adaptation Ranked, from Worst to Best

15 Movie Scripts That Were Never Made But Should Have Been

15 PG-13 Horror Movies That Still Haunt Us

Additionally, I have written hundreds of articles in advertising, marketing, business, automotive, technology, and pop culture segments for TheHOTH, a Florida-based Search Marketing Firm whose clients include Hulk Hogan (that's right, brother!) and Ric Flair (WOOOO!). If there's a specific type of sample you need, just shoot me an email or head over to my contact page.

Last but not least, I have written one horror novel, The Congregation, which, according to bestselling horror author Joe McKinney is "one hell of a good book."

(Don't stop there, Joe!)

"No," Joe says, "scratch that. It's an amazingly vicious, yet beautifully realized exploration of justice and loss and guilt. With The Congregation, Aric Mitchell has proven he's got the goods. He's jumped headlong into the big leagues. This book will run you through the emotional ringer, and I guarantee you'll love every minute of it."

Thanks, Joe. And thank you for checking out this portfolio and considering me for your content needs.